Coworking Spaces and Startups in the Philippines

What is a coworking space? It is a space meant to be used as a neutral space where people can focus on work. Like traditional offices, in a coworking space you also work around people, but most of the people around you aren’t in the same company. Coworking space offers a lot more flexibility than working in a home office or in a traditional office space. Coworking space is popular among startups and freelancers due to their cost that is a lot lower than having to operate and manage a traditional office. There are different types of coworking spaces available, one to fit the needs of almost any startups.

·         Open Workspaces

o   These are the types of coworking space where there are dedicated desks that people from different companies share.

·         Private Workspaces

o   These kinds of workspaces are noticeably different from Open Workspaces, in this type of workspace, an individual or even a team can have their own private dedicated room where they can work as one.

·         Industry Specific

o   In Industry Specific Coworking spaces, individuals work in a space where people share a common field or in a common industry, a coworking space specifically aimed to a certain type of field or industry.

·         Venture/Incubators

o   Venture or Incubator spaces are a selective type of coworking space where the coworking space itself provides fund and supports the company in exchange for equity.

         So, why would a startup consider a coworking space like Thrive Spaces? Well, mainly, for the cost, compared to running a traditional office, a coworking space gives a company a ton of benefits as well, minus the cost of operation of a traditional one. It gives the startup a kind of flexibility and also frees up a lot more room to the company’s budget.

Working in a coworking space can boost productivity of a worker, being in a coworking space, the worker can split themselves from the responsibilities that they might have at home or any place that isn’t made to be a space of work. Being in an environment that has a noticeable working atmosphere can really set up the mindset of a person to be more focused on work with having little to no distractions at all.

Another thing a coworking space opens you up to is the networking opportunity, in a coworking space you are presented in a room full of people that wants to succeed on their own kind of business.

In this space you can meet different types of people with different types of idea, startup and freelancers needs to get their name out there.

And what better way to do than in an environment that promotes it, being a coworking space could be an opportunity to expand your network and move your business a little more forward. This is exceptionally great for freelancers that are just starting out. This could be an opportunity to get you on board on a higher level of success.

In a coworking space, you are not only exposing yourself to all of these connections around you, but they too are exposing themselves to you, an opportunity to expand your network is one of many things you can benefit from working at a coworking space, the possibility of a collaboration with others around you can open up, one you might not even have thought of or even consider if you were working on a home office or a traditional office.