How Coworking Spaces Add Value to Freelancers in the Philippines?

The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed immensely to the abrupt transition of work arrangements in the Philippines. Amidst this crisis, workers and business industries remain persevered as they work to accomplish their goals. And as people get used to this new normal, the demand for coworking spaces also rises.

Serving as study hubs, virtual offices and even meeting places, co-working spaces may instill productive energy in people who utilize them. It establishes a free environment where people get to work independently in a shared office setup. 

And as a freelancer, we’ll help you look for a functional coworking space that’ll best suit your needs and discover how can it possibly add value to your freelancing business.

What is a Coworking Space?

As the new trend, a coworking space offers a workstation that is open for rentals, bookings, and even walk-ins. Just like other offices, it is also complete with amenities that you’ll find in a normal work setup. Its flexibility as a shared space makes it unique from a typical office since it does not require long-term lease agreements. At this point, it makes it more practical for many freelance workers out there and even for those who are planning to enter freelancing. 

Compared to a traditional office, coworking spaces differ in the sense that people tend to work, individually or in groups, in a free space on diverse businesses and projects. This kind of facility is typically used by freelancers, students, and businessmen. And amidst the popularity of hybrid and remote work, the list of its potential users also increases.  

How Does It Add Value to Freelancers

Meaningful Work Experience 

Working with others who perform various types of work helps strengthen one’s sense of self in their work. As freelancers perform with a fresher state of mind, it establishes productivity and creativity. Many studies have proved the values that come from working in a neutral workspace in which it can strengthen one’s independence, learning, and sustainability. 

Staying in shared spaces also comes with various opportunities. Having to be around different people associated with various industries, you can establish new target audiences. Feasible collaborations with other freelancers are also achievable at this state. Building further networks within the people and the workspace itself. 

Sense of Community 

Working in a shared space not only creates networks and opportunities for freelancers. Freelancers may step outside of their comfort zones by using coworking spaces. What makes people continuously choose this experience is the sense of community it brings them. 

Workers get to escape from the isolation of traditional work offices and rebuild their ability to connect with other workers. Coworking spaces make sure to establish a bond with their clients by providing great amenities, comfort and a sense of belongingness.  

Access to a Work-life Balance

The state of your mental health depends on finding a balance between your life and work. Thus, there should be a designated place between an office and your home. Your personal and freelancing obligations are both different things, that’s why a separation between the two creates more focus on the real subject at hand. Designed to create comfort and a professional vibe, coworking spaces make a conducive environment both for working and learning at the same time. 


A functional workstation creates fresh ideas that will aid in improving a freelancing business. But to achieve this, there’s a need for a little bit of spending. And as a freelancer, it’s also important to review your resource allocation and establish more practical investments. 

With coworking spaces, you can negotiate much more flexible terms as opposed to signing a permanent lease with a landlord. It is primarily recommended for startups and freelance workers looking for affordable work and meeting places. 

Thrive Spaces by Thrive Global CFO as a Coworking Space for You

Thrive Spaces is committed to providing workers comfort and work-life balance through a functional workspace near you. We offer access to cleaner and sustained workspaces where you can always thrive in. With meeting rooms and shared spaces that are readily accessible at a reasonable cost, our coworking spaces are made to increase your creativity and foster a productive workplace for your freelancing journey!